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Corona Virus

Hi Year 6 – We’re really glad to be getting back to some sort of ‘normal’ as we come towards the end of our summer term in Year 6. It’s going to be great to see many of you in our new learning ‘pods’, Monday – Thursday and Mr Haynes, Mr Massey, Miss Walker and Mr Winter are eager to get to work with you folks.

For those of you not returning to school, Home Learning Packs will continue to be sent out every Friday for the following week, mostly based on work we’re doing in school.

Fallibroome Transition activity resources are located further down this page, to be completed and taken into the first day of school in September at Fallibroome. 

Email Us:

It has been amazing to hear from some of you over email. You’ve been sending in some of your work including excellent narrative writing on WW2 Evacuees, explanations on Gas Masks and Anderson shelters as well as art and even some Morse code!

Keep your comments and work coming in while we’re away from school- it’s amazing to hear from you all.


Your work! – 

Morse Code – Some fab work on Morse code and how it was used in WW2 from Mia.

Anderson shelter  – Non-chronological report on Anderson Shelters fro Aaron

Gas Mask guide – Guide to using a Gas Mask by Hannah

WW2 evacuee -ENGLISH – Short story about an Evacuee’s experiences from Aaron

Amazon Rainforest poster fact sheet – Amazon Rain forest Fact Sheet by Mia

World war 2 Nyree – Life of an Evacuee by Nyree

Evacuee narrative – by Matilda

Normany landings – A dramatic Narrative by Joseph

A Soldier’s Perspective – A dramatic Narrative by Nyree

Macclesfield during and after WWII_final AW – Fantastic PowerPoint Poster on Macclesfield during WW2 by Aaron

Evacuee non-chronological report – Amelia S’s report on Evacuees

 A Brazil vs UK factfile by Matilda

NHS appreciation art by Lauren

A propaganda poster by Matilda

Tank Art work by Ben


Home Learning Ideas:

As well as our Home Learning Packs, here are some other ideas to keep your brains ticking. 

Keep an eye on our Upton Priory #DailyDraw with daily art challenges

English and Writing: 
‘Elevenses’ with David Walliams.
Daily audio stories from across Walliams’ children’s books.
Literacy Shed+
Written activities based on a variety of imaginative and captivating videos and other hooks to choose form.
A new written activity every day based on an engaging picture stimulus.
Interactive video masterclasses from world famous children’s authors.
Classroom Secrets
A range of home learning packs for Y6, across subjects.
White Rose
Home Learning packs we advise the use of during isolation. Our main source of materials at Upton Priory
Hamilton Trust
Home learning packs that work through the Y6 curriculum.
Maths Mastery
Home learning packs based on Y6 curriculum with guidance for parents
Top Marks Maths Games
Interactive Maths games across a range of Maths topics
BBC Bitesize
Range of science activities and videos across a range of Y6 Science Topics (other subjects available through website)
Science educational organisation that produces high quality science resources for range of Y6 Science Topics
Home learning videos available through YouTube which covers range of skills and sports
Cool Catcher Cricket sessions

Fallibroome Transition work pack:

English – design a hero template

English – Narrative Planning Framework

English – Superheroes JULY TRANSITION 2020

Maths Transition

Pastroal Transition Booklet Final Sept 2020

Year 6 Science transition tasks

Hello and welcome to Year 6

We hope that you find our section of the website really useful. We will endeavour to post lots of photos which will give you a flavour of what goes on here at Upton Priory. In addition, we’d like to add information about what your child is currently learning and what you can do to support them through their last year of primary school.

Daily routines

Monday – Reading Records collected in and signed.

Tuesday – Science PM

Wednesday – Homework handed in, Spelling test and P.E kit will be required

Thursday –

Friday – Homework handed out. Second PE lesson of the week and Golden Time.

Most days, weather permitting we will try to run a ‘daily mile’

– trainers will be needed.

Summer Term Curriculum

The majority of Maths and English lessons take place in the morning. Reading takes place most days before or just after lunch.

During the Summer term, we will be reading and writing a variety of text types ranging from a parody of a famous fairy tale to a descriptive short narrative focusing on the plight of soldiers during the Normandy Landings in 1944.

In Science we will be looking at materials and changes of state.

Other areas of the curriculum, such as Art and DT and RE will be linked to topic work, English and Maths.



History will be one of our core subjects over the summer, as we continue where we left off in the spring exploring the causes and effects of World War Two 1939 – 1945.

We’ll be exploring:

The lives of our countries young Evacuees who fled the towns and cities for the safety of the countryside.

How Prisoners of War coped in their prison like camps.

The varied causes of WW2. Was it all down to Adolf Hitler or should we place some blame on he strict Treaty of Versailles?


Maths, English and spelling tasks will be set alongside daily reading.

This will be linked to elements we are teaching during that, or previous weeks and will help build confidence and understanding in our children.


Please encourage your child to read everyday and record this in the home school diary. Please talk to your children about the books that they are reading and discuss any difficult or new vocabulary and ask lots of open ended questions to ensure they understand the texts they are reading.

Helpful Website

Please click here to visit the BBC bitesize website to practise aspects in all the three subjects- maths, science and English. Our calculation policy on the website is very useful to practise methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Please click here to practise times tables in a fun way!


Our meet the teacher PowerPoint presentation outlining some of the key ‘need to know’ elements of Year 6.
Meet the teacher evening Upton Priory

Files to Downlownload


Year 6 Curriculum Map 19_20